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Summary: After two dreadfully long weeks away from tour, Frank’s finally returned. Gerard takes the time to lavish him with a welcome back gift. [could this summary get any lamer?]
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
POV: Third
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Fake as Pamela Anderson's bust.
Warning(s): Unbetaed. [then again, all my writings are unbetaed] sex, sex, seXXX. Got it? Oh, oral sex. One-shot. PWP

Dedication: for nobodywhore. It's my birthday. But we have this game. On her birthday, she writes me something. On my birthday, I write her something. Happy Birthday to...me. lol. Hope this satisfied your sick NC17 needs, Natalie. ♥

It's a battle. With lips and tongues, fighting to win. They devour each other, practically tearing at each other in their consuming need. It's too much of a brutal assault to be considered a proper kiss. It's their game of dominance. Despite appearances, the tattooed man can never last long, his honey, brown eyes always flickering in concern when the older lets out a groan of pain at a particular hard tug on his lower lip, tearing skin.

Gerard takes this perfect moment to take control, using his height to his advantage, pushing the shorter man roughly against the back of the door, their hips so tightly together, it's amazing there is still room for their clothing. Amazing.

Frank inhaled sharply when he felt the familiar tugging on his jeans as Gerard irritably forced them down, his forehead wrinkling in concentration, lowering himself until he was on his knees in front of him, his artist hands skimming over his unclad thighs and massaging them softly, and Frank trembled in anticipation and without inhibition, thrusted his hips towards the man's face, signaling what he desired.

Gerard glanced up with memorizing eyes, his hazel eyes sparkled with untamed lust and a tint of amusement, his hands and mouth purposely avoiding the particular area Frank wanted to be touched the most. Gerard leaned forward, playing light kisses on the guitarist’s inner thigh, re-memorizing his scent and the feel of his skin, realizing he missed this just as much as the younger had, moving up to his protruding hip bone, biting down gently, drawing another guttural moan from above.

"J-Jesus, f-fuck, j-just," Frank finally caves in, his hands burying themselves in the singer's mangled hair, pulling at the ends, silently thankful the singer had finally agreed to grow it out, because he preferred this way so much better.

"Mmm, still a beggar," Gerard mused, licking his lips, his hand moving up and touching lightly touching his stomach, lingering on the letterings and doves that were permanently inked on his skin, reminding Frank of how sensitive his stomach could be, especially in these moments. Gerard could hear the rapid change in Frank's breathing, and he smirked, feeling the muscles twitch underneath his palm, following the pattern down, his hands curling around the weeping cock in front of his face, making the younger man hiss in relief.

Frank shut his eyes shut tightly, breathing heavily through his teeth. Jesus, he hadn't even put his mouth on him yet, and he was already falling apart like a sixteen-year-old virgin.

But in his defense, it had been two weeks. Two, dreadful weeks of morning boners, constant masturbation until he felt he'd develop a severe case of carpal tunnel, two bottles of lotion and--


His shout resonated in the dimly lighted room, and Gerard swiftly pulled away, and Frank whimpered at the loss of the moist warmth surrounding him--

"Keep quiet or I'll stop," he warned, his hazel eyes were serious and Frank knew form unfortunate, previous experience, the older man wasn't lying or just saying that to be some teasing minx. Keeping down the noise was critical, and although he'd never admit it, it only exhilarated the experience. He nodded hastily, glancing down to watch his cock disappear in that warm cavern, those lips, that tongue--

Oh fuck. He shouldn't have looked, feeling the familiar pull in his lower half, warning him. Two weeks without nothing, and the sight of Gerard taking him into his mouth was enough to undo him completely. Almost. Close…

Gerard must've recognized the tone of his moans, and he pulled away, purposely squeezing the base to keep him from coming, and Frank growled in frustration, bucking his hips forward, wishing the man would stop fucking teasing and start fucking sucking.

His eyes snapped open at the sound of a zipper being pulled down, wondering what the older man had in mind. He wiped the bead of sweat that had collided on his forehead, suddenly aware of how little time they had.

"W-what are you d-oing? Oh," Frank gulped, watching the older man smile up at him as he pulled himself out of his uncomfortably, tight black jeans, palming his hardness with his free hand. Frank had forgotten Gerard's fixation with touching himself while performing oral. To say the least, it was double pleasure to see himself being devoured and watch the older man get turned by it, the speed of his hand matching the suction.

He scooted further back, letting the singer get comfortable with the positioning, one hand on Frank’s hip to steady himself, on hand on his own cock, and his mouth on around his weeping cock. Frank was in pure bliss, torn between not looking at the tantalizing sight in front of him, and torn between wanting to prolong this erotic moment as long as possible.

Gerard continued bobbing his head back in forth, applying as much suction as he could, a few moans escaping his mouth from the pleasure of touching himself, his moans muffled, the vibrations sending ice-cold shivers up and down the younger man's spine, his hands slipping from the head in front of him, his hands slapping on the door behind him, his fingernails clawing the cheap paint on the door, fully releasing his moans into the moist air, not giving a flying fuck who might hear. Gerard was too involved in the act to notice his broken promise, both men too enthralled in the passionate bliss to give any notice to the outside world.

Frank found himself slipping back into reality when he felt the doorknob digging painfully into his lower back, and he moaned out, half in aggravation and half in pleasure. He was so close, so fucking close, and Gerard must've sensed this, his teeth and lips teasing the tip, tongue brushing back and forth on the sensitive tip--

"Why the fuck is the damn door locked!" hollered a familiar voice on the other end of the door, and Frank bit his lip to keep himself from screaming when his orgasm hit him, his legs giving out on him and he slid down the door, panting heavily.

Looks like they had finished in enough time before the rest of the crew had returned, probably wondering where the two had disappeared to, twenty minutes out before they were due on stage. Gerard had practically kidnapped him to the back room where their changing room was located, hastily pulling him into the furthest room and securing it, before they started their tryst, telling him he wanted to personally give him something, something he couldn’t present around other people, that familiar glint in his eye.

The persistent knocking and door jingling continued, even as Gerard tucked himself back into his pants, the corner of his lips twitching into that quirky smile of his. Frank looked at him with half-lidded eyes, his brain too lost with the post-orgasmic bliss to register any thought.

"Hello!? Do doors suddenly lock themselves nowadays?"

Mikey. Right.

They were technically in the bathroom. Where people needed to get dressed. Apply make-up. Give blowjobs...

They managed to quickly regain their appearance, although Gerard's hair was perfectly mused and unkempt as ever. Frank’s skin still had a red tone to it, his breathing still erratic...

"What the fuck took---" Mikey faltered in mid-sentence at the sight of them both coming out of the crowded bathroom. "Oh."

Gerard let out a giggle that borderlined feminine, pulling the blissfully happy man to his right into an embrace, kissing him, and Frank immediately accepted the gesture, their tongues colliding and tasting the familiar taste of his own essence in his mouth, but he didn't mind nor was he mindful to their audience, focused on the contours of Gerard’s mouth, their kiss just as lewd and sloppy as it had been in the bathroom a few moments ago. Even Ray had stopped playing on his guitar to stare in shock, the room unusually quiet, ten minutes before the show.

"That was just the pre-show," Gerard rasped in his ear, his whisper only audible for Frank's ears, winking and pulling away, petting him platonically on the back. "Welcome back, Frank. We missed you."

Frank smiled back, licking his lips. He couldn't wait for the after-show.
Tags: boylove, porn, pwp
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