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no lurkers! >:o

i like fruitloops and jelly beans for breakfast and i always wait until the last second to get out of the bed and get ready. i pride myself in going to class in my pjs. i don't like coffee and i don't drink it; dr.pepper is all i'll ever need. everything in my life has to be 'even' needless to say being 15 ain't working out. I hate wearing dresses because i always forget to cross my legs when I sit down. I quote famous people just so I can feel smart. I’m underage and ‘just a kid’ but even some overage people in my life are complete retards so take that bullshit excuse elsewhere. I consume shitloads of milk on a daily basis and I love heights, just the dark scares me the most. my biggest fear is dying by fire; I rather drown. i'm annoying at times, but i don't bother to help it. i'm openminded but really judgemental too. yes my parents were hippies and named me two first name so what. my initials are HAP if you really wanna know, and yeah, I use that as an icebreaker when I meet strangers all the time. and i'm sure you're way cooler than i'll ever be.

i'm nice, i'll add anyone even if you're a dick - just as long as you're a funny dick.

comments are screened. i don't care if you're 14 or 62. just a name will do.
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